The Lance Saga - Mini-Mart Fun

Mini-Mart Fun

Lance walked into a local 24 hour mini-mart and looked around. His eye caught the candy aisle so he went there and put a bunch of sweets into his pockets. But just then the store keep walked over to him.
"You can put that back now." said the good looking female owner, who gave Lance a stern look.
"Who the fuck are you? Get out of my way!" yelled Lance to the girl as he shoved her into a shelf of candy. The woman fell down and all the dry goods dropped on her head making a fool out of her. She got back on her feet trying to ignore what just happened and held out her hand like she wanted something. "Oh, you want the candy I stole, is that it? I'll give you something alright, bitch!" He grabbed her hand and crushed it. Blood oozed from her broken, twisted digits and Lance laughed. Then he raped the slut on the dirty floor right in broad daylight.
"What the fuck is this!?" screamed an off duty police officer when he saw Lance pulling his cock from the store manager's pussy. The guy walked up to Lance and tried to handcuff him. He elbowed the man with deadly force cracking his dome then took the cop's gun and unloaded the entire clip on the store keep's body brutally murdering her in cold blood.
After that he looked around and saw a bunch of other people in the store but they didn't seem to notice his actions. So Lance walked behind the counter to steal money from the cash register. Suddenly some teenagers walked in and acted suspicious, nervously looking over their shoulders at Lance. They must have thought he worked there. Lance walked over to them and asked the dudes if they needed help finding anything.
"We are not stupid, man." one of them said.
"What the fuck did you say??" Lance replied. But, undaunted even by Lance's enormous size they rebutted.
"Shut your mouth, asshole, or I'll shut it for you." said a member of the group.
"I'd REALLY like to see that!!" Lance laughed. The guy took out a glock and pointed it at Lance's head.
"You are seeing it now, mother fucker. Now give me the cash."
"HA HA!" Lance laughed hysterically. The hood opened fire but the bullets simply dissipated when they struck Lance's energy shield.
"What the fuck!" the young man screamed in surprise. Lance leapt over the counter, took hold of the weapon and shot out the fucker's kneecaps. He yelled in pain so Lance pistol whipped him. His friends all took out guns and fired repeatedly at Lance with no affect. He simply ignored them and continued striking the gang member's skull with the butt of the man's own gun until he died grotesquely.
"Man let's split!" they said after realizing but not understanding that Lance was invulnerable. The dudes tried to get away but Lance anticipated this tactic and fired his strontium grappling hook at them. It wrapped around their bodies and Lance retracted it. The extra thin but super strong cord sliced into their bodies causing horrendous pain. Lance laughed and once they were all bunched together tossed a hypergrenade at them. It detonated seconds later mincing them instantly. The building quickly caught fire from the rather large explosion.
Lance exited, got back into his car, and cruised around town. He was trying to figure out what to do next when suddenly noticed what appeared to be a summer camp on the left. He smiled and pulled into the turn lane. There were about five cars already in the lane and the light turned green. The vehicle at front, driven by a dumb shit just sat there. Then finally he moved, but by the time Lance got to the front the light turned yellow then red. He stopped and the guy behind him beeped and flicked Lance off with his middle finger.
"WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!" screamed Lance in pure rage. He jumped out of his car and ran to the fucker behind him. The guy rolled his window down. "Hey fucknuts!" Lance yelled at him. The man took out a 9mm, an apparent sign of road rage and pointed it at Lance. He just laughed and grabbed the weapon from the dude's hands with ultra quickness. Lance then yanked him out of the car and pummeled the man to death with a sledge hammer. By now the light turned green again so he quickly got back in his car and completed the turn then pulled into the parking lot of the summertime camp.
There was a large building and a fenced in area with a few trees and places to play and have fun. Lance walked around to the fenced in part and saw some kids playing and also noticed a few camp counselors. Upon closer inspection he saw a young kid who looked lonely sitting under a tree eating a sandwich. Lance inconspicuously walked closer and then saw a counselor who was bullying the kid and making fun of him. Lance grabbed the camp employee by the throat and picked up his skinny frame. He began choking and the adolescent kid ran away. Lance threw the man to the ground and he clasped his bruised throat. But Lance wasn't finished, and he kicked dirt into the guy's face blinding him.
"I didn't mean anything dude. Was just messing with that kid." the guy spoke, barely able to talk. Lance, using his boning knife, stabbed the summer camp fuck right through the heart. Death was nearly immediate and Lance laughed and walked away. But before he could make it to his car a sexy brunette approached him.
"Hi, are you John's father?"
"Umm...yeah! I'm his pops. Why is there a problem?"
"Well we can't seem to find him." she said, then ran her hand through her hair like a little teasing bitch. Lance took hold of the cunt, bent her over the hood of his car, and fucked her violently. She tried to scream so he tore out her tongue then taped her mouth shut forcing her to taste and swallow her own blood. He raped her with vicious thrusts trying to hurry before anyone noticed. Within a few minutes he began to ejaculate. She cried in misery and could feel his warm semen filling her pussy. Lance pulled out, redressed, and broke her clean in half over his spiked knee pad causing a bloody mess and killing her abruptly. He then jumped into his car and rapidly fled the camp but not before torching it with his Pyrotech plasma flame thrower killing all.

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