The Lance Saga - Mini-Mart Fun

Time for Action

Lance left the house somewhat satisfied, but quickly grew sadistically hungry, needing more action. He drove around checking out the scenery and looking for victims. Everyone was a victim to Lance, no one could stop him. He killed at will, without remorse, without compassion. An unstoppable machine with deadly intent. Soon he passed four teenagers riding what looked like skateboards but they had handlebars, apparently the newest trend. He pulled to the curb and got out of his car. They quickly approached on the sidewalk and he blocked their path. Thinking they were bad shit the kids challenged Lance.
"Get out of our way!" one of them said, a cute brunette 15 year old cunt. Lance grabbed her off the board by the hair and dragged her across the concrete to his side.
"What did you say, bitch?? No one talks to me like that, especially some stupid little fuck like you!!" Suddenly another of the small group, a male, tried to attack Lance with a club he found laying on the ground. He swung it recklessly aiming for Lance's mid-torso. Lance brushed aside the blow with hardly any effort, disarmed the juvenile, and grabbed his neck after throwing down the bitch and kicking her in the ribs. With a quick squeeze and yank, Lance ripped out the kid's throat. It was messy and blood pumped out of the huge wound. The dude quickly expired and he tossed the throat to the ground. The two remaining children tried to run away leaving the young girl on the ground at Lance's feet. He subdued her with a nerve pinch then chased the kids. Catching them easily, Lance severed one of their heads with his sword then took hold of the other fucker and ran his testicles through with a super heated ice pick causing severe burning pain. He screamed in agony wishing the attack was fatal. Lance backfisted him on the side of his head then stabbed him through his left eye and into his brain causing immediate death. "Now back to my pretty young girl." Lance said as he trotted back over to the fucking cunt who still lay paralyzed on the ground. "You are mine, cunt."
"Get away from her, sick bastard!!" someone suddenly screamed across the street after seeing Lance's shocking actions. He turned around to find some fat dude hobbling across the road amidst the heavy traffic.
"What did you say, lardass?" The obese man finally made it over to Lance, breathing heavily. "Careful, don't want you to have a stroke." Lance joked. The gluttonous fuck tried to help the fallen young girl to her feet but Lance would not allow it. He stabbed the man in his stomach. But he was so fat the blade didn't even penetrate any organs. The person stepped back, looking down and saw blood. Lance twisted the blade and yanked it out bringing tonnes of lard with it. He then stuffed a hypergrenade into the guy's body cavity and shoved him away. Seconds later the portly fellow exploded from the inside out. His entire body blew apart sending fat, blood, and organs everywhere. Lance laughed and then took off his pants and prepared to spear his waiting victim with his enormous cock.
Instantaneously a car pulled over and some Spanish guys got out. "Now what??" said the irritated Lance while quickly redressing.
"What up man." they said. "Can you tell us how to get to the parkway?"
"No." he replied.
"Excuse me?"
"I said get the fuck outta my face. I have things to do." Lance spoke. One of the dudes then immediately pulled out a straight razor.
"We're gonna slice and dice you, mother fucker!" ", I don't think so." he said. "I think I'm gonna waste you fucking punks, then rape this cunt." Afterward without warning Lance pulled out some chicken wire and viciously strangled one of the dudes, the one with the knife. His friends got pissed and pulled out high powered shotguns. Lance laughed and turned to face them after releasing the dead banger whose face had turned blue, eyes wide and bloodshot.
"We're gonna fuck you up!!" they said and cocked their weapons. Lance still laughed and they opened fire. Every bit of the scatter shot and solid slugs were absorbed by his biomechnio C-particle personal energy shield. "What the hell??" they yelled and began firing continuously. Lance thrust at them with unbelievable swiftness and slashed at the gang members with a razor sharp curved saber. He took out one of them and he fell to the ground, sliced open and dead almost instantly. Three remained and they attempted to reload their shotguns. Using the split second advantage Lance took out his favorite weapon, the Bushmaster knife. Able to hack a 2x4 to pieces and still shave the hair off your skin. He drove the huge blade into one of the dude's body. He screamed in agony from the searing pain as Lance twisted the knife and sawed away at man's internal organs. He yanked out the blade and dropped the dude to the ground where he thereafter expired. Lance then disarmed one of the surviving bangers and shot him right in the balls. The scatter shot exploded from the tip of the super strength shotgun completely blowing his manhood into ripped flesh. He cried out like a girl and Lance fired again and again until he finally died, almost from just the pure agony itself. But more likely because his aorta and femoral arteries had been severed.
The remaining two dudes said hell with this and tried to escape on foot. Not amused by their cowardly behavior Lance dashed after them reaching the fools in seconds. He took out a pair of spiked nunchucks and beat them to death with it. Blood was everywhere and bodies littered the street like so much refuse.
Lance walked back to the bitch and raped her. "No more interruptions, cunt!!" he screamed in anger at her while thrusting with insane, evil power. Lance's cock was massively engorged with blood making his boner bigger than ever. The sexy 15 year old who at first thought she was bad shit was now degraded to trash as the sadistic Lance pummeled her with his dick. She was laying flat on her back on the sidewalk and Lance slammed her relentlessly. After a couple minutes of ultra intense, violent thrusting he ejaculated within her. She moaned in pain and he removed his cock letting blood that had built up around it drain onto the ground. Tears flowed from her eyes as Lance tore off her shirt exposing her small breasts. He grabbed a rusty dirty razor and slit her left nipple in half but was careful not to remove it completely wanting to extend her torment. Then he suddenly made huge gashes all across her stomach and tits. The knife was not ultra sharp and caused even more pain as he dug it in extra deep. She cried and tried to fight Lance reaching up and attempting to slap him. He easily blocked the attempt grabbing her hand. Then Lance took the razor and slid it long ways under each of her fingernails eventually severing them from her fingertips. She screamed out but he ignored her. Lance suddenly ripped off both her nipples with pliers and fed them to a nearby crow.
"Please stop, I can't take any more." she then weakly said to him. Lance laughed and took out a high voltage cordless power drill and attached a long bit. He squeezed the trigger and shoved it right up her nose mangling her nasal cavity instantly. He moved it around destroying her from the inside. She quaked and shook but he held her still with his free hand. After a few minutes of this torture Lance said fuck it and rammed it straight into her brain causing a messy, hideous death, what every stupid fucking stuck up 15 year old cunt deserves.

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