The Lance Saga

Bible Belt

He swiftly back tracked to where he had parked his car and jumped in. Driving around the area, his infrared sensors picked up movement in a large wooded area. He drove there to investigate. “Yes, this will do.” he said to himself as the sensors identified the movement as a young girl. He parked and got out. Then easily found her with the dense brush hiding his approach.
Lance crept up on her from within the trees. Her beautiful hair, put up in a slightly sloppy ponytail, with bangs hanging down on either side of her rosy cheeks and smooth forehead looked amazing and his cock got instantly hard. She was walking at a slow pace, completely unaware of her impending doom. He got up ahead of her and suddenly jumped out oft the woods blocking the small dirt path she was on. Dense torn bushes and poison ivy laden trees made up both sides of the train and extended at least a quarter mile.
“Oh, hi! You startled me.” she said in a friendly voice. She was apparently not disturbed by his nearly 8 foot muscular body and closely shaved jet black hair, nor his looming demeanor. Her skin was immaculate, no blemishes of any kind, smooth, milky white, and only slightly tanned. She wore a tank top with a Speedo bra underneath and had a lovely midriff. He noticed a belly button piercing and a quite toned abdomen. Ragged, cut off faded jean shorts covered her upper thighs and she wore no socks and open toe saddles. She was 15.
“Yeah, I get that sometimes.” he said in a mocking tone. He was wearing a dark colored unbuckled long trenchcoat and standard armored pants and shirt with combat boots. She looked up and down at him and Lance now knew she saw his massive erection through his pants.
“Umm...I need to get going, excuse me.” said the cunt as she braisingly tried to push past him. She caught her harm and leg on a large thorn and he tripped her. She tumbled to the ground, landing on her back. The pretty girl slowly looked up at Lance and found him staring down at her, a sick smile covering his otherwise emotionless face. He search his pockets and found some police issue handcuffs. In a quick motion, he cuffed the teen’s wrists together in front of her.
“Let’s go someplace more private, shall we?” he said and first kicked dirt her in face. Then Lance grabbed the middle of the handcuffs and started dragging her behind him. She whimpered, temporarily blinded from the dirt and sand. Knowing his was impervious, but she not, he dragged her right into a huge torn bush. The half inch jagged elements ripped at her and sliced her up to his pleasure. He continued dragging her through at least 3 or 4 more bushes and then to an opening to where he had parked his car. Blood now flowed from her arms, legs, and stomach. Lance tossed her down next to his vehicle and removed the cuffs, placing them back into a pocket on his trenchcoat.
She was still quite feisty and tried to get up and run. He anticipated this behavior, and using reflexes second to one, grabbed her ponytail and yanked her back, straining her neck. He bashed her face against the side of his car denting it from the force. He continued to bash her head, again and again, until she was a bloody mess and no longer resisted. “Time for a ride, cunt.” He had just purchased his vehicle, a Dodge Viper, and threw her in the passenger seat, then swiftly tied her arms behind her back.
Lance cranked up the V10 engine and proceeded to drive to a nearby abandoned church he had seen while cruising around earlier. The perfect place to commit his sin of agony, God will not stop him because there is no God.
A few minutes later Lance and his victim pulled up to the old Church. He quickly circled it to make sure no one was around. It was vacant inside and out and now dark outside. He parked in the rear of the large building in an alleyway. It was a small town and he knew no one would disturb his activities.
He got out of the car and opened the passenger door. Blood covered her bruised face and he undid her ponytail and let her hair fall naturally about her. It looked very sexy and smelled clean and fresh. He grabbed a handful of it, balled it up in his fist and dragged her into a side door after kicking it down.
Still dragging the moaning teenager, he found the main room and in a powerful throw, tossed her up onto the alter. He literally heard her arm break and one of her shoulders also became dislocated when she hit the raised platform. She instantly regained fully conciseness at the sudden sharp pain and cried out.
“Shut up bitch!!” Lance screamed at her. He leapt onto the alter and grabbed her broken arm and yanked on it to cause even more pain. The bone tore from her skin and her shoulder was now hideously deformed. She bled profusely, so Lance had to hurry. She was just so pretty, so young and sexy. No one that attractive must survive an encounter with the Death Stalker. Lance took out his cock which literally slapped her face as it was so long and thick. She turned her head in disgust. “Are you a virgin, cunt??”
“Please don’t hurt me!” she cried so Lance punched her in the face shattering one of her cheek bones. “Answer my question fucking whore!!” he screamed at her, again holding her hair but now wrenching her back and forth. Her arms were still tied behind her back and with a broken arm and dislocated shoulder, she could barely move.
“Yes, I’m a virgin. I was saving myself for marriage. It’s what God would want me to do.” she said in wispy, painful tone.
“Ha, ha, ha! Bitch, I’m your God now. I decide when you have sex, and I’ll decide when you die!!”
“No! Please!!!” Lance cut her off by forcing his 12+ inch boner into her mouth and all the way to his balls. He clearly saw her throat bulge and she surprisingly nearly swallowed his whole cock without gagging. He was so horny that he instantly came inside her throat and he pinched her nose shut and continued holding her by the hair. He must have shot a liter of sperm into her stomach by the time he was done and she started to choke and couldn’t breath. He held his cock in her gullet and now let go a warm stream of piss. Letting go of her nose he adjusted himself so the piss not only filled her stomach but then shot out of her nose. He pulled out and drained the rest on her face to humiliate the slut.
“You did good just now you fifthly cunt. I guess I’ll let you go.”
She just cried, never have been violated in such a manner, but weakly shook her head to acknowledge Lance. So he untied her arms and she began crawling down the few steps off the alter, only able to use one arm. He laughed at her and watched her meekly attempt escape.
Lance walked up to her and grabbed her hair. “Nah, I’m gonna kill you.” he informed her. She cried again and began to shake, looking pale, still losing blood from her open bone fracture. He took hold of her throat and picked her up so she was facing him. Lance lifted her all the way off the ground and she began to choke again. He took out his brass knuckles and managed to fit them onto his free hand. Then with vicious force started to strike her in the pelvis at first, then her stomach, then her ribs. He rotated areas and hit her with increasing voracity until her bones began to break. He pelvis took the most damage, being almost completely shattered. He also punched her ribs a dozen or 3 times until every one of them was fracture. He finally let her go and she dropped to the ground in a heap, blood pouring from her mouth as her lungs had been perforated. She survived the beating, but was almost a bloody pulp and shook with pain. Lance took a deep breath then quickly grabbed one of the alter candles, lit it, and put the flame right into one of her eyes. She thrashed at this new burning pain and he kept it on fire and pressed into her eyeball until he heard the eye juice sizzling. Afterward he plucked the burnt optic organ out of the socket and made her eat it, then he spit in her face.
Lance next took out his prized Bush Master 2000 serrated hunting knife and began to flay skin off her face and tits after slicing away her top and Speedo bra. He cunt down to the bone on her forehead and peeled the skin away. He also skinned her tits then playfully slapped them back and forth. She was near death but still felt everything he inflicted upon her. To finish her off, he began to stab her in the chest and stomach with the near 10 inch blade until intestines and other viscera became visible. Then one last slice across her tender throat and blood exploded everywhere.
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