Euphoria & Lamentation

Part I - Desires Revealed

We awoke sometime after 10am and slowly got out of bed. I talked to her over breakfast about something I had been thinking about.
"Hey Morganna, what do you want to do today?" I asked while grabbing her crotch. She took hold of my hand, placed it on her tits, and said I already knew what she wanted.
"I've been thinking, there's this girl, you know, Nicole, that I've been chatting with lately." I showed her Nicole's pictures that she had sent in e-mail, including nudes.
"She's cute." I decided to be straight up, there are never lies or any worries between me and Morganna, no judgments. Just love and acceptance. It forms the basis of our relationship, not to mention I know she's twisted.
"Do you want to do her this evening? I've arranged a meeting at a local coffee shop this evening, she is cool with it since we've chatted for so long."
"Nicole has no family, her parents and sister were killed in a car accident, she doesn't talk to anyone except on-line and doesn't work, living off interest from a life insurance settlement. She came here on her 17th birthday to start over, to escape abuse from a string of asshole boyfriends, and has no ties.....okay fine, I'll be honest, I want to rape and torture her." I said, not sure what the reaction would be. A moment of silence, I saw her eyes as she thought about it. Her mouth slowly turned into a smile. "You know I want to kill her too, right?"
"Well yeah. What are you gonna do, rape her, let me beat her up, then just send her on her way. That's not gonna work. Besides, I've seen your stories, I know you want to do it."
"Morganna I love you so much! I am the luckiest person ever to have found such a delightfully cruel wife. Did I ever tell you how fucking beautiful you are?"
"Yes, all the time sweetie."
"Well I'll never stop saying it, cause you are."

Part II - The Abuction

The coffee shop venture wasn't until around 6pm. We were both very excited but many hours still passed as we each did our own thing. She did her studies on-line using the computer I built for her. I did some wash and cleaned up the house, watching DVDs in between.
Finally it was time, and we got dressed. I took the car and Morganna the truck and drove the short distance to the shop. We discussed the way we'd kidnap her, Morganna would park in a small wooden area directly behind the coffee place with rope and duct tape. I'd spike Nicole's drink with some drugs so when she feels woozie and tired, I'd offer to let her sleep it off at my place or if that didn't work, at least help her to her own vechile. When we come back out, Morganna and I would secure her in the back of the truck. I had chosen a coffee shop that was never crowded and at the end of a poorly lit road to decrease chance of detection of our most sidious plans.
The plan of course worked flawlessly and we soon had her tightly hog tied in the back of the truck with a large strip of duct tape across her mouth. She could still make sounds but could not speak. Not that it would matter, considering she was out cold for at least the next two hours from the drugs I had given her without her knowlegde.

Part III - Taking Her Flesh & Her Blood

She awoke some time near 9pm as me and Morganna made out on the couch. "Ah, you're finally up. Now bitch, I'm gonna rape you and hurt you, I'm gonna use you, and I will break you, then when I'm done, my girlfriend is gonna beat you until you die. Do you fucking understand what I'm saying, bitch???" She stared at me in disbelief, somehow hoping it was a cruel joke, but it was not, it was the ultimate betrayal, she looked into my eyes, they were quite warm and cozy looking, but my demons had taken over. She had stood up by now and went pale with fear. As she was just about to turn and run, Morganna grabbed her from behind, bashing her with a club on the back of the head. She went down, but only dazed. We dragged her into the large kitchen and threw her onto the table.
Morganna stripped Nicole naked for me and toyed with her bare form, pinching her here and there.
"Thanks sweetie! Can you hold her for me? I want to hang her legs over the table and fuck her doggy. Can you hold her arms down?" She did just so and held her for me.
I positioned Nicole just right, her legs off the table, her arms out stretched in front of her which Morganna forcefully held extremely tight.
"You ready Nicole?"
"Please, you don't want to do this!!! I know you Vex, you were so nice to me when no one else was! Don't do this!! Why do you want to hurt me??" I grabbed her hair and bashed her face into the oak table until she bled then forced myself into her and starting pumping violently. I raped Nicole so hard and my cock split her open as I was grinding in and out of her cunt. I wanted to abuse her. I wanted to hurt her. I thought about what she said. But it was simple. Hurting her and killing her will give me pleasure, so that's what I want to do. Grunting and now crying as I continued to fuck her without compassion or any signs of mercy, she spoke again between sobs.
"Oh god please you are really hurting me, I don't want this! God, please, no! Please stop! NOOO......ahhhh!" She shut up quick enough when I cruelly tore off her right ear lobe with a pair of pliers Morganna handed me then began to cut her with a very very sharp kitchen knife, first running the blade across her ass parting the flesh then making large incisions on her back, finally sliding it under her and up towards her small tits, nearly removing one of her nipples, drawing much blood. "NOOO!! PLEASE STOP!!!" she begged me furiously, feeling her own blood flowing and her skin being cut apart. I raped her harder still, grunting like a animal, never slowing down for one second as I tortured her. "Please Vex I will do anything you want, just stop this!! Stop hurting me!!!" My girlfriend started laughing while stabbing a small pocket knife into Nicole's arms, and pulled them further as to make her submit to me even more so.
"Are you gonna listen to this Vex? You better teach her some manners. She needs to be broken. Nicole is just a weak fucking whore. Look at her begging like a filthy animal! Isn't that right Nicole? Hahahaha!" Morganna spit right into Nicole's face two or three times, really getting into it now. I know she'd beat her into a bloody mess later this evening. "Come inside her. Make her scream. I know you want to!" I fucked even harder, more than I thought was possible, now tearing her labia nearly to shreds, hearing these words from my sweetie much more so than anything Nicole had to say. She just about passed out, her eyes rolling into the back of her head, face covered with sweat and unending tears. Morganna quickly doused her with a gallon or two of pure ice water and smacked her face back and forth then again held her arms. Her eyes came back, looking right at my girlfriend, almost pleading with HER now since her efforts with me seemed futile. Morganna only laughed and spit on her again, a true sadist, I so love her, then she looked at me and licked her lips.
"Uhhhhh......NOOO, please Vex, I can't take the pain, just let me go, I know you better than this! You are so nice! Why are you doing this??? Please god!" That was it for me. I became fully enraged at her meaningless pleas. Engulfed with incomprehensible anger and bloodlust, I became darkness. My nearly uncontrollable sadism was about to be revealed. My girlfriend smiled, she always wanted to see this. See me go all the way.
"Shut your mouth you fucking piece of shit! You disgusting worthless fucking whore!!! Fucking cunt!!!!" I grabbed her hair and yanked it, wrenching it back and forth violently, ripping a lot from the scalp, I shoved hard, all the way to her uterus it seemed, smashing my balls against her, and finally came after a good twenty minutes of raping her. My wife and I had praticed lasting longer during sex and it came in handy this night. She screamed and cried feeling the thick warm liquid erupting within her in ungodly amounts. Not even tired at all, I kept pumping without missing a beat, still hard, further tearing her, degrading her. Showing her that she's nothing to me but a cunt. That she is only here to suffer. That she will not leave this house alive. That she will be in more pain than can be conceived. She screamed really loud, almost piercing my ears, the kind of scream you don't hear too often, not only from pain but from utter humiliation and the realization you are going die in agony, that you can't do anything to stop it. Blood suddenly almost poured out around my cock after maybe fifteen more minutes straight of punishing her without end, I stayed hard the whole time shocking even Morganna who'd never seen that before, even with her. Then *I* was shocked. I came again, even harder than the first time maybe from seeing all her blood and hearing her shrieks. It's happened to me once or twice before when I've wanked, when I was so aroused looking at some extremely brutal rape or snuff porn but never to this magnitude. As I orgasmed, instead of letting her simply pass out from the pain of her now obviously destroyed privates, I bashed her head into the table over and over until she stopped moving. I knew she was not dead, I'd not give her that luxury. Not so early into her suffering.
This time I was truly exhausted, literally falling onto her, my head resting on the back of her soft neck, her blood and my cum dripping onto the kitchen floor. Morganna let go of her arms since she was out cold, and let me rest while coming behind me and giving me a much needed back rub and telling me how sexy I am. She got me a glass of 100% pure, fresh squeezed, concord grape juice, one of my favorites, from the frigde and even fed it to me, gently holding my head up with her other hand knowing I was completely spent. I drank it, and finally pulled out my cock, which now was getting soft, and staggered back. Regaining my bearings and after wiping the blood off me, I grabbed two long extension cords and let Morganna tie up Nicole really tight while I kissed my true love's neck and licked her. Morganna also shoved Nicole's panties down her throat and I taped it shut, looping it around the back of her head and mouth several times. We dragged her by the hair with us into the other room and onto the huge couch, and sat with her to watch some Charmed on Blu-Ray DVD, Morganna's favorite show.

Part IV - Break Her & Hurt Her

Nicole didn't wake up until the show was nearly over even as me and Morganna teased her, putting staples into her tits and and pussy and cutting her up with straight razors to amuse us during slow parts of the episode. She finally did as the ending credits came up and looked at me and my girlfriend, her eyes going back and forth between us, trying to makes sense of what was happening to her. She was in complete terror, shock almost, now discovering she was bound and gagged and quickly understanding neither me or Morganna placed any value on her life other than to make her suffer to satisfy our sadistic cravings. "I really enjoyed you, ready for dinner?" I laughed and jokingly poked her on the shoulder. I leaned over and kissed her forehead and cheeks but Morganna spanked my ass for blocking the ultra high defition widescreen TV, she wanted to see the begining of the next episode. "Hey!" I spanked her back and tugged her hair slightly. I turned back around, and looking right at Nicole's eyes, guided my hand down her cut up chest, over her stomach and reached into her cunt to rip out some of the staples. She reacted to this quite intensely. Her face contorting in pain and inducing delightful noises from deep in her throat. This made me smile and so did Morganna as she now watched me closely. I pulled on Nicole's hair and stretched her flat out on her stomach on the couch right across Morganna's legs and beat her on the ass with a nail studded club. Her arms bound behind her. I hit her really hard until the flesh became ripped and she kept making noises. I never had gotten dressed after the rape, and grew hard again. I beat Nicole some more, savagely, until her ass was just blood, and then took one of the straight razors and carved small chunks from the flesh of her lower back. I wasn't sure if she were not gagged whether she'd be strong and still ask to be freed, begging me, maybe even call me a bastard, or if her will were broken. If it were not, I'd make sure to break her into nothing, as my demons again rose to the surface. I decided to find out and removed her gag. Morganna was noticably wet at this point seeing Nicole shaking in pain and nodding at the excellent job I did on her ass. "Well, do you have anything to say Nicole?" I turned her over on her back and sat her on the couch between me and my sweetie. Morganna did not contest, knowing my love for her was infinite. She got up to get something to eat after pecking my cheek. Nicole was all mine for now. "Are you gonna tell me you're a whore? Is that what you are Nicole? A whore?"
"I am NOT a whore, you better let me go!!" Just as I hoped, despite the pain and rape she was still very strong. I really wanted to break her now more than ever. Train her. Show her what she really is.
"Why is that, whore? Do you not understand that you exist only to serve me? That you are just a cum bucket?"
"FUCK YOU BASTARD!!" she screamed. Morganna called to me from the kitchen to see what was going on. I told her it was nothing and she kept eating some leftovers. I took out my Zippo lighter and lit the flame, making sure it was at maximum intensity and waved it in front of Nicole's eyes. "What are you going to do?" she said, becoming fearful. "Take back your insults."
"NO!" I slowly shook my head back and forth and put the flame to her right nipple, pressing it literally directly into her flesh. It seared at once, and I heard the skin sizzling, sending the most horrid of pain into her body and mind. I held it there while she screamed endlessly, the nipple starting to turn black and did the same to her other nipple as I heard Morganna laughing her ass off from afar. Nicole shook and thrashed violently against her bondage but it held good and I took her by the throat to steady her, squeezing until she wheezed and gasped. There was no escaping me. After a little while I took away the flame. Both her nipples and some of her tit meat were utterly annihilated. Burned easily past the 3rd degree. Just to be sure I wasn't joking I playfully tossed some lighter fluid on the wounds. Thankfully enough of the nerve endings were still intact sending even more waves of agony into her. "Please I take it back!!"
"Are you sorry?"
"Yes, oh god I am sorry!"v "Now, I'm gonna ask you again. And you better give the right answer or I'm gonna cut your fucking throat and let you bleed. Are you a whore?"
"Yes I am a whore!"
"Good. Now say it again."
"I'm a whore!"
"Louder! Use cuss words." I said pressing my razor into her throat cutting her. She began to cry now, tears streaming across her face.
"I'M A FUCKING WHORE!!" she now screamed, crying uncontrollably.
"A filthy animal? A pain slut? MY slut?" I asked her while clipping off one of her fingers with a pair of scissors. She howled in pain so I smacked her so hard her head jerked to the side from the blow, then I held her chin and made her look at me.. "Stop screaming and answer the question bitch!"
"YES! I'm your slut! I'm a filthy animal!"
"Are you worthless? Are you a piece of shit Nicole?" Her eyes seemed to hesitate so I clipped off two more entire fingers and threw them to the ground in front of her. "Say it bitch!!"
"I'm worthless! I'm a worthless piece of shit!" she cried, blood coming from her finger stumps and in so much pain.
"Do you like me? Do you want me to rape you again? Do you like being raped and abused?" She looked at me pleading but was growing weak with pain.
"Please let me go." Morganna walked over, her stomach now full.
"See I told you she wouldn't break that easy." patting me on the back, and sitting down on the couch again, still wearing just her bra, she then smacked Nicole's face a half dozen times and punched her stomach nearly knocking her breathless.
"I don't know Morganna, she seems close, look at her eyes.." Morganna grabbed her hair andlooked, they were almost empty, swollen from crying and red, getting distant. She didn't even hear us talking, the pain overwhelming. I again grabbed her chin, spit in her face, and slapped her, the skin already bruised from Morganna's attacks. "Do you like anal Nicole?" Barely able to speak now, she weakly replied.
"Please....I've never had that before, it will hurt too much, please don't do it!" "So you want me to rape your cunt then? You like being raped?"
"Please just not my ass, please."
"You didn't answer my question." She said nothing. "Very well." I threw her to the floor and kicked her in the face. I picked her up by the hair and leaned her off the edge of one end of the couch, her ass facing me. It was completely bloody, the skin torn to shreds but I could still see her spinctor and prodded it with my fingers preparing to enter without lube. "This is really gonna hurt Nicole. You sure you don't want to answer my question? Are you sure you don't want to fully accept yourself as just a useless whore?" I rubbed the head of my cock on her asshole, my pre cum oozing out, just about to push inside, and she trembled.
"Yes please rape my cunt!!! I like being raped!!"
"Good. And I will. Are you a useless whore?"
"Yes I'm a whore and I'm useless."
"Again. Louder."
"All you want is to be used? Treated like shit? That's all you ever want from now on?" I take a steel mallet and shatter both of her big toes, one tremendous blow each. The bones crushed in an instant. Her throat becoming hoarse with cries of pain. Her mind and body being dissected. "AHHHHHHHHHH!!!"
"ANSWER ME!!!" I take a razor and shove it under one of her fingernails, dislodging the nail and tear it away. Then again. Then again. The third time I just use pliers to rip the fingernail off. After she is done shrieking she quickly answers.
"Yes, I want to be used, that's all I want! I want to be treated like shit!"
"Completely worthless? Fucking gross and disgusting? Not a human but an object? A piece of garbage? A slut? A whore? An animal? A fucking cunt??" I think Morganna orgasmed multiple times just listening and watching, not even touching herself, except for maybe a couple flicks of her clit, she was moaning really loud, and I saw juice practically pouring from her pussy. I crushed every single one of Nicole's remaining fingers and toes with vise grip pliers leaving them mangled and unrecognizable. I cut away what was left of her labia, tore off her clit, I sliced away her ears, I cut her face all up, I slapped her and spit on her again and again, yanking her hair. Surprisingly she doesn't pass out but screams and screams and screams as I also beat her with my belt.. Her vocalizations of pain are beautiful music to me. When she's done she finally replies. I knew this was it. I knew she was broken forever, her will smashed and would do anything I ask now, even to die.
"YES! YES! YES!! That's all I am!!!!!!!!!! Nothing!!!! Just a whore!!! I'm nothing but a slut who likes to be raped and used!! I'm a piece of shit!!!!!" she screamed while looking at me and I saw her eyes now go distant and empty.
"Of course you are." I drove right into her ass, her eyes still empty but now like saucers, she was completely broken, she knew her purpose, but still felt the pain, I pushed deep into her shitter and began to fully thrust with the most violent intensity and hardest strokes I could possibly muster. Her ripped ass skin making it hurt 20 times as much. Ten minutes later without stopping, but not thinking it would happen that fast, her spinctor sickly tore, the normally tight, strong muscle simply ripped, blood flowed, the most amazing scream yet escaped her lips, then finally Nicole passed out, becoming entirely limp just as I came inside of her.

Part V - Nicole's End

She finally awoke, nearing the end of her journey. She was in a different place though, both in mind and body. Slowly her eyes adjusted to the near blackness and she tried to look around, but saw nothing except dark. She was out of bondage, but in unceasing pain, her ass and cunt ruined, torn and leaking cum and plasma, blood covering almost her entire body and nipples burned and black. Her fingers and toes, those that were not removed, smashed to nothing. She laid there curled in a ball and didn't move, whimpering to herself for what seemed like an eternity, remembering and knowing only her pain, remembering being raped again and again, degraded, forced to admit being a slut, and to being worthless, being shown that she is absolutely nothing except a fuck and pain toy, given no apparent compassion or caring at all by this man who she honestly thought was her one true friend after she finally escaped a life of nothing but abuse, she now knew she was just a whore, to be raped, worthless, that her purpose is to suffer and nothing else, meant to be just used, she now felt nothing else. Her hopes, her dreams, her passions, and any identity of herself as an actual human being nowgone. There was a noise like a latch opening and a beam of light permeated the room. The door opened, the light blinding her, and I walked in.
"Get up." She did so without hesitation despite it hurt her even to move. I flicked on the light and she saw she was in a small, damp room made of unpainted cinder block. There were more details but her eyes had not fully adjusted yet. "Stand against the wall, facing it, put your arms above your head." She again obeyed, never looking at me. My betrayal of her now complete. Her life almost concluded. I approached her and caressed her naked but cut up body. It was warm and soft, her 17 years of life about to finish forever. I tightly secured her wrists into jagged homemade metal shackles which were attached to chains above her. She didn't struggle. Accepting her fate. She was on her very tippie toes now, facing the wall. I stepped back and took a cat nine tails off a hook on an adjacent wall. Not an ordinary cat though, instead of leather, all the strands were made of cruel lengths of razor blade barb wire. I swung it cutting the air so she heard it. She didn't move. I struck her as hard as I could on her already mangled ass. Even the first blow causing massive damage. She made no sound, doing all she could to contain the pain, her whole body flexing. I told her she could scream, and hit her over and over, she finally cried out, bucking as the cat tore her right open spilling cubes of fat and tissue all over the cold floor. I moved up to her back destroying the flesh with countless strikes. I even saw some of her ribs now. I started on her legs She could not hold herself up anymore, as all layers of skin were removed. Blood pooled under her limp body, but she was still alive. Her screams and pain now the only thing real to Nicole. Morganna came in finally and I wondered what took her so long. She carried the pressure treated axe handle I gave her as a gift several months ago. "Do your thing baby." Morganna started with Nicole's feet, bashing them with the axe handle a least ten times until the bones were shattered. She repeated this process the entire length of her legs, hitting her over and over, swinging the hardened stick full force using both hands like a major league baseball player. It was quite a site. She moved up to her pelvic area. It took quite a few hits here, I had to help her with an aluminum bat. Soon it was just hanging flesh, the bones ripping out from her body. Nicole continued to scream, not passing out. It was just too late. Her mind gone. All she knew now was pain and that's it, and now she's gonna die. I stepped back to let Morganna finish her off. She looked at me and winked, then took a very deep breath, and with power I've never seen in her before bashed Nicole's rib cage with at least 25 repeated hits becoming more of an animal than even me. Her screams ceased, her lungs filling with blood, her organs turning to jelly. Her ribs all shattered now. She was one second from death. Morganna was not done and just beat her on the back of the skull viciously and never stopped until Nicole's head was just gone, maybe thirty or more strikes later. Nicole died after the first 5 or 6 but Morganna went nuts. A neck stub with some pieces of shattered bone and brain tissue was all that remained when she finally finished, then dropped the weapon next to Nicole's cadaver.
Neither of us noticed at first that we were both completely drenched in Nicole's blood. We left the body and walked back upstairs to the main level. We took a shower together to get cleaned up, got in bed, and had the most peaceful sleep of our lives.
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