It had been weeks since my last kill. My mind was exploding with violence. I needed to quench my desires, tonight. It was raining softly, and a light breeze blew, tossing up leaves and bits of trash. People were out walking, an old lady, a young couple, an occasional business man. A few young girls traveled down the street as well. I started to hunt. I continued walking observing everything and everyone carefully.
I turned the corner onto a new street, there was a nightclub directly on my left. I looked through the window and saw a women dancing on a raised platform. The sign outside said topless dancers. I decided to take a closer look and entered the joint but was asked to pay 10$. I knew I could take out the bouncer with ease but paid the money, not wanting to start trouble and ruin the hunt.
I walked past him and into the main area. Many tables were set up with various men and a few women sitting at them and a large bar took up the rear. I took a seat towards the front and it was then that I saw her. A fiery redhead dancing provocatively on the stage. She was hot, tight and slender, but muscular and in prime shape. Just the way I like them.
She teased me with her sexy body as she danced in front of my face. God I wanted to hurt her. The way she shook her hips and breasts, getting guys to shove money into her panties. I wanted to kill her right then but my time with this bitch would come later. First I wanted to watch her, my eyes never left her body as it moved around the stage. She finally removed her top in a teasing fashion and everyone cheered. Except me. My cold eyes were fixed on her and I was getting aroused, but not for sex, for pain.
A pair of medium sized breasts topped with nice nipples and almost flawless areola were exposed for all to see. What a fucking tease this bitch was. I'll hurt her extra for that. The show ended abruptly and my soon to be tortured redhead left the stage. The other guys in the club hooted and ranted, cheering for her. My face was expressionless. I knew what must be done. Just then a waitress showed up and asked me if I wanted a drink. I should have strangled her for messing up my train of thought.
"Yeah, gimmie a ginger ale." I said and handed her $1.50 for the drink. A minute later she returned with my soda. "Say you, what"s the name of that redheaded dancer who was on just a minute ago?"
"Oh you mean Fyre, yeah she's new here." replied the petite blonde.
I slowly drank my ginger ale while thinking of all the ways I was gonna torture that redhead named Fyre.. I finished my drink after a few minutes, got up and walked over to the bar. "Hey barkeep, what time does this place close?" I asked with a smile.
"Midnight." was his reply. I went out to my car and drove to a nearby 24 hour Home Depot. It was almost 11:30 so I had just a bit of time. I bought a big roll of duct tape. I also picked up some coarse sandpaper, thin wire, a long neck flat head screwdriver, and a few other things. I paid for the supplies then checked my tranquilizer gun. It had recently been serviced and should work like is was brand new. I placed it back in its hidden holster within the door frame of my car.
I drove back to the club and parked in a dark alley across from the back entrance, it was nice and secluded. I turned off the engine and waited. I had a perfect view of the rear of the club and could see anyone as they left.
About 20 minutes later it was just after midnight and my prey would come strolling out the back door and right into me. There were no lights on. It was completely dark and it would be easy to shoot Fyre with a dart using my night vision goggles. I was excited about using them after I bought them a few weeks ago.
A few minutes later the back door opened up and several people came out. I patiently sat in my car, like an animal stalking its prey, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. She finally emerged from the club, the last one to leave, and everyone else had already left. She was mine. The cunt's long red hair glistened through my goggles as I switched them on. I quietly got out, leaving my car door open slightly, and took aim at her chest. I took aim with the rifle like dart gun and squeezed the trigger. It struck her almost instantly and the tranquilizer went to work fast. I ran up to her and grabbed her as she fell down. I didn't want her to hit the ground and get dirty. I slung Fyre over my shoulder and carried her back to my car and dumped her in the back seat. No one saw a thing and I was off not more than a minute after getting out of my car to take my prey. It was a 30 minute drive back to my place in the outskirts of town and I drove slow, taking my time.
Just then I saw flashing lights. It was a fucking cop. I pulled over and waited. The cop walked up to my window and I asked what the problem was.
"Just a busted taillight sir." the pig said. "What's wrong with her?" he asked after noticing Fyre on the back seat.
"Too much to drink at the club. She passed out, so I'm taking her home." I said. "Is that so." replied the officer. In another minute I was gonna blow his fucking brains out with my sawed off shotgun I also keep inside the door panel. But he nodded, then let me go, telling me I need to get the tail light fixed.
I finished the drive home and carried Fyre into the house with nothing but the light from the full moon to show me the way. I took her into one of my custom made rooms. A fully furnished rape arena with a large circular bed in the middle and places to tie girls up in various positions. I threw her down onto the floor and injected her with a stimulant. I didn't feel like waiting until the tranquilizer wore off. She started to come out of her stupor and now the fun would begin.
I stripped the bitch and placed Fyre on the bed. It was surrounded by metal rods, each one with several holes making bondage of helpless young girls easy. But she started to struggle, attempting to get off the bed. I slapped her hard across the face twice, maybe three times, and she just sort of squealed, but still put up resistance. So I punched her square in the gut knocking the wind out of her pretty little body. She gasped for air and weakly coughed. I slugged her a couple more times in the face and gut, just to be sure she would stop resisting. Then I took hold of her left arm and swiftly tied her wrist to one the rods. Not above her head, but kind of to the side then did the same to her other wrist. I next tied her ankles in similar fashion, slightly spread. Now secure, I gazed upon her beautiful body. It was divine. Medium breasts, tight stomach, and long sensational legs. She had the prettiest of faces with long straight red hair, natural too. It's hard to find that these days.
She was shortly fully awake and suddenly realized the position she was in. "What? What is going on?" she said. The bitch couldn't see me. I had turned off the lights and kept only a spotlight shining down directly on the bed. It was time for a foreplay of torture.
I grabbed a long whip with tiny barbs on each of its nine tips and starting beating her from the shadows. She shrieked in pain as the sharp pieces of metal sliced into her flesh with each blow. I beat her hard and over and over on her tits and stomach, making her bleed and scream countless times. I relished in her agony and it sent waves of pleasure coarsing through my veins. Her shrieks never stopped as the whipping lasted at least 5 or 6 grueling minutes.
After another 5 minutes, when her tits were fairly tore up, it was time for the big leagues. I activated my drill press which was positioned next to the bed. Fyre was still unable to see me; the spotlight shown right into her eyes blinding her. I turned the drill press on a medium setting and the RPMs must have been 2 or 3 thousand. It was a 1/4 inch bit and I brought the spinning metal down into her shin. It made contact with Fyre's soft flesh and tore it to pieces. Then it hit the bone and kept going, drilling right through to the other side. Her screams of pain were the sexiest thing I had ever heard. I my cock was already rock hard from when I had whipped her and it got even more stiff. I pulled the drill back out after it had made a hole clean through her leg. I moved it up to her thigh and repeated the process. There was a lot more meat this time and the drill really shredded it up like bloody confetti. Then I heard the bit hit the bone and that terrible grinding sound as it dug into it. She screamed without end, the pain almost too much to bear but I kept drilling her thigh until it was all the way through the bone and stuck out the other side. Once it had, I again pulled it out and did the same to her other shin and thigh. Blood now began to soak the sheets and I prayed I had not severed her femoral artery, she couldn't die after just this short time of suffering.
I grabbed a coat hanger and unfolded it making it a long straight piece of metal. I attached a piece of rope to one end of the straightened hanger and then fed the other end of through the hole in her shin. Once it came out the other side I did the same to her other shin then tied the two ends to each other and pulled it taunt after releasing her ankles from their bounds. I tied it extra tight digging into her flesh and securing her legs together.
Sweet tears flowed down her rosy cheeks and she couldn't understand why I was doing this. I started whipping her again, this time much harder and it tore huge gashes into her soft skin. Her legs were covered in blood and she moaned in pain, beginning to realize she would not get out of this alive or in one piece.
I then took a garden scissors and proceeded to clip off her toes one by one. Her screams, sickening to some people, but arousing to me, flowed out each time I cut off a toe. Blood oozed out onto the bed and I gazed at it in a trance, my bloodlust fully in control now. I finished cutting off her toes and laughed at the now bloody mutilated appendages. I stuck her severed toes up her snatch then went to work on her fingers. I cut her thumb and forefinger off of each hand and stuffed them in her mouth and taped it shut with more duct tape than was probably needed. I cut off her pussy lips too, just for fun, and then raped her with the garden sheers. She bellowed and moaned, too weak with pain to scream. I kept fucking her with the sharp scissors opening and closing them inside her, cutting up Fyre's tight little pussy.
I finally took it out and it was soaked in her heated blood. I suddenly remembered the tools I bought at the hardware store. I grabbed the gritty sandpaper and held it out of the shadows and in front of Fyre's face. She shook her head no, crying frantically and already in intense pain. I took the sandpaper and placed it onto her bloody pussy. I pressed hard and started rubbing it back and forth right on her clit and inner vagina. She barked at the violent sensation as new waves of pain traveled her lower body and privates. I kept rubbing until her tiny little clit was completely destroyed and her screams never stopped. I next went to work on Fyre's large nipples, or what was left of her them and her breasts from the whip. Again I pressed the sandpaper into them and rubbed as hard as I could. Her agony made me harder than any of my other victims thus far which was surprising. It didn't take long before her nipples were nothing but bloody stumps. She passed out sometime during the torture so I revived her with more uppers.
But I couldn't stand it, I had to have her cunt. I stepped out of the shadows, spread her legs as much as I could, and rammed my cock into her pussy after removed the toes.. She at last got to see her aggressor's face, but I didn't care, she wouldn't be around long enough to tell anyone. I viciously raped her raw cunt with my dick and slapped her hard in the face with each inward thrust. I slammed her as hard as I could, blood dripping out from her mangled pussy lips. It was extra tight since her legs weren't spread that much and it felt so good fucking Fyre. Finally after all that teasing she was giving up her pussy to me. But she would dance no more, she was about to be snuffed, but not before I blow my load into her.
I violently raped the bitch and began punching her in the throat and face with my tightly closed fists. I grabbed a small knife, cut her ears off, and removed portions of flesh from her ripped up breasts. Her levels of pain were intolerable and she passed out yet again.
I had to stop raping her and grab another needle of stimulants to wake her up. I injected the bitch with additional drugs and she awoke only to experience the pain once more. I just laughed and pounded my cock back in her and started fucking Fyre again. As I raped her, I used a carving knife to cut out more sections from her cheeks and tossed them onto her chest. I cut up her whole face, slicing off her nose, cutting out her cheeks, and put it all on her stomach and chest. She choked on blood as best she could, the duct tape still covering her mouth as I pumped my cum load deep into her pussy. My powerful orgasm filled her all the way up and I nearly convulsed, it felt so fucking good. She just shook in total agony, toes cut off, face mutilated, and I grabbed a hammer and smashed out her teeth after tearing away the tape.
My eyes looked up and down her body finally stopping at her throat. I knew what must be done now. I snagged the thin wire I had bought earlier and wrapped it around my hands. She looked at me with her puppy dog eyes pleading, praying I wouldn't do it. But I had no choice. It was meant to be. I untied her arms, turned her on her side and slowly moved toward her neck. She just trembled, almost accepting her fate. I put the wire around her throat and without warning pulled it tight. It almost at once dug into her flesh cutting off not only her air supply but the blood flow to her brain. Fyre tried to gasp but couldn't get in any air. I could see her eyes go bloodshot and her pupils dilate. Her mind quickly faded, trying to take her to a more peaceful place but I looked her straight in the eyes, growing hard again as she died. Her mouth gaped, still attempting to draw in life giving oxygen. She pissed herself and within what seemed like seconds passed away to the next life although it probably took longer than I realized. I was in ecstasy, and looking down discovered I had ejaculated once more.
My deed was done, my sadistic desires satisfied if only for a fleeting moment. I would certainly do it again.
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