Playing Pool

     It was now nighttime, and after hanging out at his house for
awhile, Lance went for a drive.  He soon stopped at a local pub
to look for girls to fuck.  He went into the establishment and
noticed several pool tables and a few gambling tables, and then
he saw some hookers in tight clothing.
     Lance decided to play a game of pool and grabbed a stick.  A
couple tough looking dudes had just finished a game and Lance
challenged one of them to another.  One of the guys agreed and
Lance broke.  One of the solid balls went into the corner pocket
and Lance continued his turn.  With several precise shots, he
knocked more of the solids into the pockets.  The game was
exceedingly simple for Lance and the other dude began to get
upset as he had not even taken a turn yet.  Lance finished the
game by shooting the 8-ball into the side pocket and the guy he
was playing against lost control.  He tried to attack him but
Lance ducked.  Then Lance stood back up and swung the pool stick
at the back of the fucker's head.  It contacted and broke in
half.  The dude went down, grabbing his bruised skull and Lance
pulled out a knife.  But the guy's friend grabbed Lance's arm so
Lance turned the knife on him and cut his throat.  Then returning
to the other guy, he stabbed out his eyes and cut off his balls.
The dude screamed in pain while his friend bled to death and
Lance finished them both off by impaling them through the gut
with a sword.  The manager of the pub came over to see what was
going on and Lance killed him too, then he killed everyone else
with rapid blows from his sword, but spared a sexy prostitute
sitting at a booth.  He walked over to her and said "Hey bitch,
time to fuck."  She screamed and tried to escape but he put a
blade to her throat and punched her in the kidney.  "Don't fuck
with me bitch.  I'll kill you in a second!!" he yelled at her,
and she obeyed and reluctantly went upstairs with him.
     They walked into one of the fuck rooms and bolted the door. 
"Do this just like every other time bitch.  Otherwise I'll kill
your ass without hesitation.  Got it?"
     "Yeah." she replied with her quiet, feminine, but frightened 
     "Now let's get started." he said as Lance pulled out his
dick.  It quickly hardened as he looked at the whore's sexy body. 
She slowly took off her spandex sports shirt to expose two
generously sized breasts with limp nipples, covered by a black
lace bra.  Soon after, she slid her leather skin tight miniskirt
down her smooth, inviting legs, and all that was left were black
lace panties, a tight blonde fuck hole, and a bra.  She seized
his immense dick and started sucking on it like a pop-sickle. 
She sucked and sucked until her lips became sore and bruised. 
Then, he pulled his nuts out of her mouth, pulled off her panties
and bra, and started finger fucking her as he sucked on her tits
and now hardened nipples.  When Lance got tired of that, he threw
the stupid bitch against the bed, jumped on top of her, holding
the babe's arms down, and inserted his dick into her tight, cum
oozing pussy.  He began humping her with powerful, deep thrusts
and she groaned in pleasure.  He pulled out his dick after an
hour of fucking, and put it between her enormous, exquisite tits. 
She squeezed and mashed her breasts on and off his dick for
awhile, and then Lance flipped the bitch over and lunged his cock
up her meaty rump.  It was so tight that had to jump on her to
pack it all the way in her steaming shit hole.  The drooling slut
could barely control herself while his tremendous dick
forcefully, and painfully penetrated in and out of her dirty
anus, faster and faster.  Then he pulled it out and started to
rape the whore with the cold metal barrel of one of his guns.  He
forced the big blunt gun up her tiny, wet pussy and shoved it all
the way to her uterus.  She fell back in severe anguish and
ecstasy, and he pulled the trigger, killing her while she was in
unbelievable passion.  Her body dissected, fully eviscerated from
the blast, leaving not a pretty site.
     Lance's cock was still rock hard and he needed to fuck again
quick because he didn't come when he fucked the whore.  So he
searched the upstairs rooms and found one occupied.  A cute 19
year old mexican trollop was banging a trick so Lance pulled her
off.  "Hey, what the fuck?" yelled the guy, embarrassed that
Lance saw his small penis.  Lance cut off the dude's cock, shoved
it into the mexican call girl's mouth, and taped it shut.  Then
he broke the guy's neck with ease and threw him off the bed. 
After that he raped the fearful prostitute, violently forcing his
cock all the way into her while jerking her head back using the
bitch's black hair.  Then Lance made the whore get down on her
hands and knees and he rode her like a donkey and ejaculated into
her silky hair.  Afterward strangling the bitch, while still
riding her like a horse around the room.  After she was dead,
Lance cut up both bodies and spread them around the suite in
     Lance laughed and went back down to the main pub and was
about to leave when someone suddenly ran in from outside and
tried to smash a bottle on his head.  The glass container
shattered when it hit Lance's shield and he spun around and
pulled out his Mac 11.  He shot explosive tip shells at the poor
bastard who had attacked him, cutting the fool into twenty pieces
of burnt flesh and organs.  Lance then raped a female who entered
the pub for a few hours, and after he finished, cut off her head
with a serrated steak knife.  Lance ran out of the barroom, and
headed down the street.
     As he was about to get into his car, he saw a bunch of
shitheads in leather jackets.  The leader was armed with a
switchblade and was acting all tough.  Lance smirked at the sight
of this so called leader.
     One of the gang members noticed Lance and said "Get off our
turf you slugfucker!"
     Lance turned and said "Shut the fuck up, fagot fuck."  He
pulled out his 20-gauge, shot off the gang dude's nuts, and then
he grabbed the leader's knife and stuck it deep into his hairy
ass.  The dude screamed in pain and blacked out on the sidewalk.
Lance threw the guy in front of a big truck and he was crushed to
a bloody pulp as the fifteen ton vehicle collided with his
flaccid body.  After that, Lance grabbed two female gang members
and viciously raped them one after the other while painfully
tearing out some of their hair with each thrust into the bitches
warm, defenseless bodies.  When Lance spewed cum into the second
whore, he slit both girls necks, and drank their blood as the
cute girls slowly bled their lives away.  The rest of the gang
ran off after witnessing this hideous, savage, inhuman torture
and killing of their fellow female gang members and Lance simply
got into his car and drove off, feeling better from the great sex
he just had.
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