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  1. zoldos

    vitamins and stuff

    Cool. Are they expensive?
  2. zoldos

    how's the weather in your area?

    I hope nothing was damaged!! It is extremely hot right now here. Our A/C has run all day. :(
  3. zoldos

    Hi everyone

    Check out "The Basement" (below the first section of sub-forums). :D
  4. zoldos

    Ask Kyng Questions

    Coolness! "Faraday" Pouch. Isn't that a reference to a physicist?
  5. zoldos

    Check this out: :)

    Check this out: :)
  6. zoldos

    what is color?

    Sounds cool man. I'm glad you were able to do that! :)
  7. zoldos

    string theory!

    If the human species doesn't self-destruct. :(
  8. zoldos

    Training a puppy

    I told her the she's potty training him. She just scoffed at me. LOL
  9. zoldos

    Ask Kyng Questions

    Hopefully, critical systems will be protected if something does happen! How much do they cost?
  10. zoldos

    Fathers From Hell: William Leigh Beasley brutally beat his 3-week-old son, Zachary, to death; Sentenced to life in prison

    Thanks! :) We order everything on-line for Walmart curbside pickup. Meds I have to go get since we are a bit off in the country. I only go out when needed... Cool that you and your daughter can hang out. Heather and I decided not to have kids....
  11. zoldos

    Hi everyone

    Awesome! Welcome!! If you have any ideas for new sub-forums, let me know!
  12. zoldos

    What do you do think of Harry Potter?

    My g/f wants to buy them all on blu-ray and have a fest! Sounds good! What is "Peeves"?
  13. zoldos

    how's the weather in your area?

    Thunder and lightening. Rain coming soon!
  14. zoldos

    did you enjoy school?

    I'm sorry. :( I hate bullies. I had a couple in my classes. The teachers were okay, but how can you teach a class of like 30 rowdy kids? I made it to 11th then was kicked out for "bizarre" behavior. Suffice it to say, I did NOT enjoy school.
  15. zoldos

    Ginger and Turmeric

    I take a LOT of vitamin D daily. I have Osteoporosis so I have too. I also take calcium/magnesium/zinc and a men's 50+ daily... We want to pay to get our porch extended and a ramp for Heather's disabled mom. But $$$ :(
  16. zoldos

    Ginger and Turmeric

    Does it seem to help? I take a turmeric and ginger gummy daily.
  17. zoldos

    ghosts? afterlife? religion?

    Interesting point. Who knows what is really happening? Everyone's "reality" is different. It's all relative.
  18. zoldos

    ghosts? afterlife? religion?

    My brother told me it's like falling asleep. Peaceful. That's how my Mom passed a couple months ago.... :(
  19. zoldos

    ghosts? afterlife? religion?

    Yes, "Half a Life". He is researching how to save their dying star and Troi's mom likes him and tries to convince him not to kill himself. Really powerful episode. Wow, I haven't seen Logan's Run in like 35 years. I remember it being pretty damn good!
  20. zoldos

    so what's going on?

    Put up some mock fabric drapes as heat is seeping through our "blackout" curtains. It's getting really warm outside. :(